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Commercial / Residential Central Air Conditioning Repair


We service all of the following common AC problems:

  • system does not turn on
  • dysfunctional fan controls
  • compressor fails
  • fan does not work properly
  • system leaks


Identifying the problem of the A/C unit will help in estimating the budget for the repair service. A/C unit owners experience about five common troubles in the system.


The first is when the outside system does not turn on. However, A/C unit owners must first check if the breaker is just tripped since calling a repairperson for this reason would just be a waste of funds. The system might just need battery replacement. Nonetheless, if this does not apply, these can be the causes: faulty breaker, burnt wires, flawed thermostat, or defective transformer.


Secondly, dysfunctional fan controls may cause the problem. It happens when the motor or capacitor is defective. Another reason could be burnt or busted wires.


AC Repair Service Air Conditioning Repair


Another air conditioner service and repair instance occurs when the fan works yet the compressor fails to. Burnt wires could also cause this problem but it is also probable when the capacitor is faulty. In other instances, the freon, which is the refrigerant, may have reached an insufficient level to produce cool air. In other cases, the filter needs to be replaced since clogged filters reduce the overall efficiency of the air conditioning system. However, if the expert technician states that the compressor does not render any utility anymore it will require replacement.


The fourth case is when the fan does not work properly yet the outside AC unit is running. A faulty blower motor may lead to this problem. Some other probable causes of this problem include worn out or burnt wires, clogged or broken filters, faulty evaporator coil, and defective capacitor. In another scenario, a new fan center is necessary.


Lastly, leaks are very common to experience with air conditioning systems. This scenario is usually caused by a clogged drain. In other cases, the unit may be frozen, which is why the unit leaks. This can be easily fixed by air conditioner service and repair experts. The worst circumstance entails a rusting evaporator coil pan. This calls for a serious repair service.


Problems with the air conditioning can be avoided early on by assuring proper installation. Many faulty circumstances happen because the equipment and the unit itself are not installed correctly. Additionally, appropriate use and maintenance should be practiced to benefit from the supposed longevity of the AC unit. Airflow Appliance Repair can help you with this effort and is an expert at repairing most brands and types of Air Conditioning units. For more information on our services, please call our certified repair center at 800-734-1557.


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