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If you're thinking about opening your own foodservice business, you must be ready to invest in a lot of equipment. This rule applies even if you are thinking of opening just a small restaurant. Though you likely will not need a huge walk-in freezer for food storage, you still need an industrial-grade refrigeration unit that is reliable. When it comes to smaller restaurants and food joints, the most recommended refrigeration units are commercial stand alone refrigerators & freezers. These are reliable upright freezers that have a huge storage capacity. Not only that, they also have formidable cooling capabilities. These come in a variety of sizes. Simpler ones have one or two doors, while bigger ones have as much as five doors.


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How to make the most out of your commercial stand-alone refrigerators & freezers

As mentioned above, there are many types of commercial stand alone refrigerators & freezers. Of course, different units perform differently. However, if you want to make the most out of your unit, you have to have it maintained regularly.

The one thing you should never forget after purchasing your refrigerator or freezer is proper maintenance. Proper maintenance is essential if you want your refrigerator or freezer to function well. Without proper maintenance, not even the most expensive brand of freezer can last long. There are two main reasons why you should invest on maintenance: One is avoidance of unnecessary repairs and cost; and two is efficiency.

Upkeep of refrigerators and freezers: The challenge you will encounter

So why should you do proper maintenance? Are refrigerator and freezer problems really common? If you want to refrain from spending too much on your refrigerator or freezer, then yes, you should do proper maintenance. Problems aren't really common among fridges and freezers, especially branded ones; however, if you don't maintain your equipment well, issues will surface eventually. These include:

Lack of cooling is a common issue that leads to many other issues. This is usually caused by abnormalities in the condenser or evaporator coils or the compressor. Lack of refrigeration often leads to food spoilage.

Overcooling is another issue that you should watch out for. Again, this is caused by issues with the condenser, evaporator or compressor. This can lead to frosting, which in turn, can lead to less space for storage.

Fungal growth is another possible issue. This is caused by improper storage hygiene. Molds are common in moist places, but if you keep the area clean, they can be prevented.

Maintenance work

As with all equipment, maintenance is always better than repair. Why is this so? It's because with repair, you have to fix (or even replace) parts of the equipment. This means paying not just for labor, but also the parts themselves.

When it comes to maintenance and repair, the most experienced and highly professional Airflow Appliance Repair technicians are able to help you.

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