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Commercial Coin-operated Washer & Dryer Repair Service


Looking to service or repair your commercial card- or coin-operated laundry facilities? Because washing machines tend to play a huge role for your business, it is important to understand issues that can arise over time. As a business owner, it is recommended that you regularly service your washer to assure both the efficiency and longevity of the equipment.


Commercial Washer and Dryer Repair Service


Common Washing Machine Problems


Business owners are often faced with a number of washing machine problems that can include (but are not limited to) power issues, excessive noise, failure to drain, spin cycle issues, failure to finish the cycle, and unit leakage. The following is more information on these specific issues:


  • Power Issues - It is quite common for machines to stop working when circuit breakers, lid switches, and fuse boxes fail to work properly.
  • Excessive Noise - There are a number of factors that can cause excessive noise production including drainage, spin cycle, and balance issues.
  • Failure to Drain - If a washer is failing to drain, it is possible that the drain hose may be kinked or plugged, a lint sock filled, or house drain system blockage. Additionally, there are some washers that feature a side-check valve that can become clogged. More serious issues can surround a faulty pump that can lock up or seize to work or transmission problems that see gears become worn and cease to work all-together.
  • Spin Cycle Issues - When this occurs, it is possible that the lid isn't closing properly, the speed selector switch is stuck between two different speeds, the belt is over worn or damaged, the drive pulley worn and failing to turn the drive belt, and/or there are faulty transmission and clutch assemblies.
  • Unit Leakage - A leaky washer must never be ignored, as it may cause major damage to your property. Common reasons for leakage include faulty drain and fill hoses, lose door seals, cracked or broken bleach dispensers, and leaky pumps and tubs. If for any reason your machine is leaking, you should have the problem assessed as soon as possible.


To assure that your washing machine can be successfully utilized for years to come, it is important to regularly maintain them. Airflow Appliance Repair can help you with this effort and is an expert at repairing most brands and machine types including Huebsch, Speed Queen, Maytag, Whirlpool, LG, Kenmore, Milnor, Continental and more. For more information on our services, please call our certified repair center at 800-734-1557.

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