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Commercial Flower Cooler / Floral Display Repair Service


Running a flower shop business is not easy. But one of the things you have to attend to and really make sure of is that you provide a variety of fresh flowers. In which case, you would need to equip your shop with quality commercial flower coolers and floral displays. It is not just about having a refrigerated case though to keep the followers in and maintain their freshness. There are a lot of things to consider and the following are some of them.


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Keep the flowers fresh

There is a big difference between a regular refrigeration system and a floral cooler. This is because the requirements to keep the freshness of flowers are very specific. To make sure that they are kept at their best, flowers need to be refrigerated in a case built specifically for floral products. This is because there is a humidity level and temperature that needs to be maintained. This is the secret to making the flowers last longer than their normal shelf life.

Otherwise, the flowers will dehydrate. A humidity level that is not apt for flower can only shorten the blossom's life span. And that ultimately means loss of profits for you.


Showcase their beauty

Another reason why you should choose a refrigeration system built especially to hold flowers is that floral coolers can also serve a dual purpose of functionality and display. Floral coolers feature glass doors so customers can see through the cooler. With this kind of feature, you can even arrange them inside the cooler in a more pleasant way so customers can have a nice view to look at which can possibly entice them to buy.


Check out the most popular brands for commercial flower coolers

There are various manufacturing companies and brands of floral coolers. But the most popular are probably True, Coolzone and Floratech. Aside from ensuring that the coolers are engineered properly to maintain a perfect combination of humidity level and temperature, these brands also come up with various unique design cases that can help further with enticing customers to your shop.


Ensure quality and well maintained floral coolers

Although a lot of people trust these brands for a good reason, it is still important that you research on your options further. You should not only buy a unit just because it seems topnotch. You should buy it because it really is of great quality and that it meets your specific requirements. In which case, it is strongly suggested that you look at reviews as well as feedback which are plenty online.


Get to know other needs

Even the well made commercial flower coolers would call for proper maintenance to make it last longer and to ensure that it works at the optimum. This is why it is required that you pay attention to the maintenance of the floral cooler. Have it properly cleaned and regularly checked by professionals. While you may learn a thing or two about floral coolers, performing a do it yourself work may only bring more harm than good to the unit and that can cost you more in the end.

A professional can perform maintenance routine check to be on the safe side and to always make sure that the right humidity level and the temperature is always precise. Such can save you from a whole lot of trouble and bring your floral shop more business. In other words, the cost of employing experts and professionals specializing on commercial flower coolers service is but a small investment to what you can possibly earn especially if the floral refrigeration system and case is properly maintained.

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