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Commercial Walk-In Coolers, Refrigerators & Freezers Repair Service


Starting a foodservice business can be quite complicated. You have to have a concept in order to capture peoples' attentions. You also have to have a lot of connections to save on supplies. And of course, you have to invest in a lot of equipment for your food storage and processing. One of the most essential items to invest on, of course, is commercial walk-in coolers & freezers. A walk-in cooler or freezer is a must-have for anyone who wants to open a restaurant or a bar. With a reliable walk-in freezer, you have the ability to store large amounts of produce and other food products, which is absolutely essential in the foodservice business.


Commercial Walk-In Cooler / Freezer Repair Service


Where to buy commercial walk-in coolers & freezers

Walk-in coolers or freezers are relatively easy to find. Traditionally, these are purchased from dealers who specialize in commercial and industrial equipment and appliances. However, these days, you may also buy walk-in coolers or freezers online. These two ways of purchasing each have their advantages and disadvantages. When buying a cooler or a freeze, it's best to weight these factors in first and see which way works for your best.

One good advantage to purchasing from a direct cooler or freezer dealer is you get the advantage of seeing and testing the actual units before you purchase them. This is an advantageous opportunity because it lessens the likelihood of you making a mistake in your purchase. However, for direct dealers, it's likely that you'll only have the option to buy brand-new, which means costs can be higher.

On the other hand, when you buy your commercial walk-in coolers & freezers online, you have a better opportunity of buying second hand, which means you get to spend less on your freezer. However, the problem with this particular method of purchasing is you won't get to test and see the item first. You can, but only if the dealer is located near you; otherwise, you'd have to take a risk.

Maintaining your equipment

When it comes to commercial walk-in coolers & freezers, your investment doesn't end with the purchase. When you own a cooler or freezer, one thing you should never forget is to have it checked and maintained regularly. The best brands of coolers or freezers, like U.S. Cooler, Master-Bilt and Kolpak, can last you a very long time. However, without proper maintenance and service, no equipment can withstand wear and tear. Leaving commercial walk-in coolers & freezers unmaintained is also bad for your business because doing so can lead to a lot of unnecessary business expense.

A malfunctioning cooler or freezer can lead to a lot of cost inefficiencies for your business. For example, it can mean larger energy consumption; and that means a higher electricity bill. It also can lead to lack or refrigeration; and that means major food spoilage. Common problems with walk-in freezers or coolers are pressure issues, like low or high suction pressure, and frost build-ups. It's very important to catch these issues early on. This way, you spend less on repairs because there are fewer parts that need replacing.

For your maintenance needs, you need contact a qualified freezer technician. Freezer techs can help keep your freezer or cooler in top condition, as well as diagnose possible problems. All of our freezer technicians are reliable, factory certified and available locally.

What could go wrong with your commercial walk-in coolers & freezers?

If not maintained properly, commercial walk-in coolers & freezers will not function at optimal levels. Without the right maintenance work, many problems may occur. As mentioned above, if kept unchecked, these problems can lead bigger issues, which in turn, may result in loss. Here are some of the most common issues you will encounter with walk-in coolers or freezers:

When it comes to big freezers, fungal growth is one of the most undesirable problems. Molds can manifest in freezers as there is the presence of moisture. This can be very bad for your business as molds can cause health issues and damage your stored food items.

Another problem you may encounter is lack of cooling. Lack of cooling is caused by many factors, such as dirty condenser or evaporators. However, most of these factors are preventable through proper maintenance. Improper cooling is a big issue because this can cause food spoilage.

Another common problem with walk-in freezers or coolers is pressure issues, like low or high suction pressure. These, on the other hand, can lead to frost build-ups.

When it comes to maintenance and repair, the most experienced and highly professional Airflow Appliance Repair technicians are able to help you.

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