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Commercial Wine Refrigerators & Wine Coolers Repair Service


If you want to add more sophistication to your restaurant, then why not serve high-quality wine? If there's one thing that can make a restaurant classy, it's fine wine. Of course, to pull this off, you would need to have the proper equipment to store and serve wine. The best equipment for this would be commercial wine coolers. So what are commercial wine coolers? This is a simple kitchen equipment that helps you cool all sorts of wine in one go. These come in all sizes; from small tubs and racks, to elaborate one to four door coolers.


Commercial Wine Refrigerator Repair Service


Wine coolers are nifty investments that can help you with winning more customers. However, like all cooling devices, these require regular maintenance work. Though smaller rack coolers are easy to maintain, big, upright coolers are a bit more complicated. They need to be checked on regularly to ensure proper functioning.

Common problems encountered with commercial wine coolers

When investing into commercial wine coolers, it's highly recommended to go for branded coolers; these usually offer more functionality. Top brands include Allavino, Avanti and Danby. Classic refrigerator brands, such as Haier and Frigidaire, can also be trusted with commercial wine coolers. However, when it comes to longevity, brands do not matter that much. If you want your cooler to last you a long time, you have to have it maintained.

Improper maintenance can lead to many problems, which include:

. Inefficient cooling is a common problem found in most poorly-kept coolers. This is caused by damage in evaporator or condenser coils or compressor issues. When this occurs, your cooler consumes more energy to keep running. This means you end up spending more on your electricity bill.

. Excessive cooling is another problem that's also caused by coil damage. So why is excessive cooling an issue? You see, different wines are cooled differently. For example, red wine is served at a slightly warmer temperature than white wine and champagne. With excessive cooling, the taste of the wine will be ruined.

. Rusting is a big hardware problem that occurs when you totally neglect maintenance work. Since there is much moisture in a cooling system, rusting is normal. But of course, it can be prevented with proper maintenance.

Maintaining your commercial wine coolers

Of course, like with all cooling equipment, you need to keep your wine coolers well-maintained. Many people ask what's the difference is between using a wine cooler and using a regular refrigerator for chilling wines. The answer is quite simple. You see, wine cooling is an art. As mentioned above, different types of wine are served at different temperatures. You simply cannot achieve this scientific method of cooling with a regular fridge. And likely, when your wine cooler is malfunctioning, it won't be able to deliver precise cooling, like it should.

For this reason, proper maintenance and repair is important. Common issues with wine coolers have been stated above. They also include humidity and lighting. To avoid problems with these, you have to have a cooling technician check on your system regularly. The recommended frequency for checks is every two weeks. This way, you'll catch issues on the onset.

If you prefer to have a specialist working on your wine cooling system, the most experienced and highly professional Airflow Appliance Repair technicians are able to help you.

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